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Lana Clark

Lana Clark

S.0067753 NV
Gavish Real Estate

I have spent the past 20 years working as a Realtor® but 6 of those years were in Australia which had a tremendous impact on the way I approach this business. In Australia, there are certain expectations for real estate agents that are not found here but should be! One of these expectations is for a realtor to hire a professional photographer and videographer to shoot your home in order to create the ideal first impression for potential buyers. I have brought this practice back to Nevada, and will hire and pay for these professionals myself. I even have my own personal prop box that I have successfully used for years to help prep your home to look its best. Growing up, my father owned a boutique retail store where he was in competition with much bigger national companies for people’s business. When selling a house, we are in competition with all of the other homes on the market, and the best way to gain an advantage is through piquing somebody’s interest at first sight of your house. Having studied photography in college, I understand the importance of visual appeal, which allows me to find the best professionals to capture the unique elements of your house. All of these unique life experiences have shaped my approach to real estate in a way that cannot be found elsewhere.


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